• 'Cahwen' means 'Coffee' in Nahuatl

    Varieties of the Nahuatl language are spoken by almost 2 million people

    Family's Coffee Story

    Ever was born in El Salvador, with a coffee plantation in his backyard and a coffee producer grandfather, so he was immersed in the world of coffee from a young age. He enjoyed the coffee picking season, lending a hand to his grandpa in exchange for some pocket money. But it wasn't about the money; his grandpa taught him something invaluable during those times - the love and pride that go into nurturing coffee plants. As Ever joined his grandpa on the plantation, he received some timeless advice: "The harvest is always bountiful if you shower your plants with tender care and affection." This simple yet profound wisdom would stay with him for years to come! 🌱🌿️

    Ever's Coffee Story

    Despite having coffee trees practically within arm's reach, young Ever didn't quite enjoy sipping the brew until well after his college years. Back then, coffee was more of a distant relative than a close companion; but, fate had a surprise in store for him. In 2011, Ever noticed his work buddies forming a club of coffee enthusiasts, especially specialty coffees. Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to give it a shot. When his loving mother offered him her "Mamma Roast" - organically grown and expertly processed - he had an idea. Why not share this coffee his coffee-loving colleagues?


    And so, the "Mamma Roast" made its way to the coffee club gathering, where a magical moment unfolded. Ever transformed into a full-fledged coffee lover, embracing the world of coffee with arms wide open. The love for the brew grew within him like a flourishing coffee plant, and destiny had another twist in store for him, which was to buy a small farm and start Cahwen Coffee. 🌱🌿☕️

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